The B-side

This blog has no concept. It used to have a concept, and then the concept grew up, got a job, and moved out, leaving this blog with empty nest syndrome. So it just sits here. I could get existential about it, but it’s too early in the morning for that.

(An aside: It is nice to be able to indulge design changes on a whim. You change one little thing on DB — okay, maybe a lot of little things — and mass freakout ensues. But you know, some days you just want to use a serif font without having to spend weeks deciding on WHICH serif font I want to be saddled with forever. It’s paralyzing, facing decisions like that. I want to date my serifs, not marry them, and sometimes dabble with sans serifs. Um, this metaphor is getting away from me, as they so often do. Also, it’s early.)

Anyway. I’m getting to a point. (I think. It’s hard to tell sometimes.)

Right, the B-side. As in, the part where I get to ramble without purpose and gaze at navel fuzz and only talk about The Main Site in vaguely veiled references. Like how I passed out from recap fatigue last night (blogging: deceivingly exhausting!) and had to get up at my metaphorical brink of dawn this morning (which is, like, three hours later than real dawn) to write a post about Kim Soo-hyun and aliens. I realize this is not early for most people, but after about your 18th straight night recapping into the wee hours, all sense of time and space starts to blur, much as it would in a Joseon-era fusion sageuk about aliens. Hey, if you have to drag yourself up at ungodly hours, at least the reason should be entertaining.

Also, Kim Soo-hyun should really play an alien. He has that vaguely alien-hotness chiseled appeal. Like someone else I could mention. Ahem.


13 thoughts on “The B-side

  1. I never knew how much time blogging took until I tried it out for myself, and I don’t even post as frequently as you do, Javabeans! I just wanted to let you know that I really appreciate your efforts, and I am in awe of your blogging prowess – how do you actually manage the rest of life, with how much you blog? – and I’m grateful that you do what you do, because it does so much for our k-loving community, and I love that you do it with style. Your writing is a pleasure to read.

    Also, totally second both alien choices! Love them both! <3

    • Thanks kfangurl! Managing the rest of my life outside of blogging is something of a work in progress. In early days I was happy to stay up nights and give up a lot for the enjoyment of it, but seven years in, balance becomes way more important.

      • Keeping up the awesome, complete with finesse, fun & style, at the rate that you do, for seven whole years(!!!) deserves a standing ovation! And a trophy of some sort. Make that seven trophies, one for each year. That is no mean feat, by any standards. No wonder your avatar is of Wonder Woman!! You rawk, seriously. Thank you for bringing us so much awesome <3

  2. What a coincidence that I happened to click on the link to this blog of yours today, when you just happened to write a rare post. First, I so agree with you about changing blog designs and fonts. I’m trying to start a blog right now and have tried a bunch of different themes, to find a satisfactory combination of font and photo layout. I also agree that’s it’s great, and at times necessary, to have an outlet for your (mostly) unfiltered thoughts, be it a journal or personal blog or something else.

    I just wanted to say that I appreciate so, so much what you do with the The Main Site. I discovered it in its relatively early ages, and have been an avid reader since. How I wish I could have gone to the meetup earlier this year! Thank you so much (and the rest of the team over there) for consistently providing many laughs and thoughtful points of conversation. More importantly, though, don’t overwork yourself! My mom’s job has recently gotten crazy busy and she’s working such long hours that her health is at risk and I seriously worry her body may give out from exhaustion. I would hate for you or anyone else writing recaps to work to that extent. We would totally understand if you need to reduce commitments in the short run to keep the site alive and producing quality content in the long run. Thanks again for what you do (and for the photo of Kim Soo-hyun). Take care!

    • Oh no, caught a mistake in my comment… it’s bothering me, I’m as much of a grammar nitpick as you are haha. Knew I should’ve read it over before hitting reply! :P

    • Thanks Kathy. Exhaustion is no joke – tell your mom to take it easy! It’s awesome when you enjoy work so much that you’re willing to go above and beyond for it, but the way I see it I need it to be sustainable too. Zzzzzzz.

      Oh, and we’ll try to plan another meetup… soonish… hopefully!

  3. I do love me some alien-hotness chiseled appeal. Thanks for indulging me. :)

    I agree with Kathy, sleep is important! DB is important too, but without JB there will be no DB, so your well-being trumps it all.

  4. Although this blog is pretty much dead, but just want to let you know that you are absolutely correct in your opinion of having Kim Soo-hyun to play an alien! =D looks like the Korean drama production totally agrees with you!

  5. Just popping in to say that you are awesome! Kim Soo Hyun actually did end up playing an alien- maybe the casting people saw your post and got inspired! :D

    I have been doing this weird research thingy of going to the first posts of Dramabeans while at office (really shows how much I like my job. Not.) That is how I found this blog and actually got to your real name.

  6. And turns out Kim Soo Hyun did take your opinion seriously. He went right ahead and starred in My love from the star. And now we have all got a fantastic drama crack :)

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