And I’m in—

Phew, and it only took numerous attempts at blindly guessing my password and getting locked out for a spell (a process that quickly went from “What was my password again?” to “What WOULD I have picked as my password, if I were eight years in the past?” — a strangely existential exercise) to find my way back inside this neglected old space. I’ve missed you, old blog! Even if you’re full of cobwebs and musty corners and a very strange new interface I can barely navigate because I have no idea how WordPress has updated (needlessly, in my opinion) itself. Even if (or perhaps even because?) blogs are a relic of a bygone era. And to think, this is where everything began. *nostalgic tears and snot*

25 thoughts on “And I’m in—

      • There absolutely are people still around.. you’ve been missed!!! Also, even though blogs are arguably less popular now than before, the readers are definitely still out there, and quarantines are giving us all more time to read blogs again too. 😉 All this to say, whatever you fancy writing about, I’m so here for it! 🤩🥳

  1. Javabeans!!!!!! We have missed you so much, I barely visit the db blog now. It’s not the same without you, girlfriday, heads and gummi . Just yesterday, while doing the dishes, I thought I should download your podcasts so I can listen to them again. I was re-reading Secret Garden recaps and I missed you and gf so much. And those fun days in the past when seeing your posts would light up my day

  2. HOLY MOLY. I just came here on a lark because I was feeling sad about DB. AND HERE YOU ARE. I hope you will post again soon; I’ve missed reading your & GF’s posts!

  3. I’m so happy to “hear” your voice again!! 💕
    You have been missed!!!
    Hope all is fine with you 😘
    And please, write again if you can…. anything… 🙂

  4. Yay! Hope you’re well. I can’t believe you guessed your old password. I would have just started a new blog (after 23 or so failed attempts).

  5. God I’m so glad you are here. I actually didn’t get to experience DB’s good ol’ days for long but K-dramas are just not the same without your recaps and comments. I just feel like I need your approval while watching a drama to actually appreciate and like it :))

  6. Yay! The return of Javabeans. Thanks to Ally for tipping me off. It looks like DB old home week over here. ;-)

  7. And I miss you so so much javabeans, much much to me to digging on this stuff. I miss you and your side kick. But hopefully you are healthy and all

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