Look what I got


Aww, this is the sweetest thing ever. Much love and thanks to Dramabeans reader Kaila, who sent me this care package in the mail. Made my day. The Answer Me, 1997 decorations! The CNBlue face masks! (I can’t believe they have face masks.) The “Stylish in Seoul” Stila eyeshadow-blush palette! In addition to the contents, everything was very carefully and thoughtfully wrapped and packaged (glittery hearts, pink bubble wrap, coordinating card and tissue paper) with a very sweet note.

Thank you again to Kaila, both for the wonderfully thoughtful gifts and for coming to the DB meetup last month to hang out with us. Hope you had fun and enjoyed meeting the other Beanies!

Speaking of the meetup, we did get some pretty cool gifts there as well, from a Song Seung-heon hat (seriously) to a Song Seung-heon pen (which I carry in my purse) to hand-crocheted bracelets. I had no idea what to expect going into the meetup — we were just hoping it wouldn’t be the DB crew drinking in a sad little corner (though admittedly if you get us all drinking, chances are we won’t be sad about it) — so it was a pleasant surprise to meet such a great big welcoming group of folks. We’ve gotta do that again someday.