…is the name of the hypothetical company that girlfriday and I will erect (snerk) to take over the world and whatever and such. At least, that’s what we say whenever we swing from one end of the workaholia extreme (supreme laziness) to the other (drama drama drama recap recap recap oh a drink!).

me: Oh my god with the new dramas.

girlfriday: Seriously, May?

me: Do you suppose we could learn to write faster? Or be more efficient?

girlfriday: That’s an idea. Well, I don’t know if we could write faster, but we could try sleeping less.

4 thoughts on “Workaholia

  1. javabeans: We could spend our time cloning ourselves instead of writing.

    me: Yeah, but then we’d STILL have to do the writing. ‘sides, we’re too egomaniacal to have second versions of ourselves screwing things up in our names.

    javabeans: So…back to drinking?

  2. I just want to say that you girls are doing an amazing job of recapping the May dramas for us drama addicts! Thanks for all your hard work of spreading the kdrama love!

  3. Oh my gosh! What a wonderful surprise to find another javabeans-created blog. I have been an ardent follower of dramabeans since I first discovered it in the spring of 2007. It’s no exaggeration to say that dramabeans has changed my life! It sounds overdramatic, I know, but it’s absolutely true. When my husband and I take my three kids to Korea next summer, I can say it is a direct result of my love of kdramas as nurtured by the awesomeness of dramabeans. It will be the first time that I visit Korea since I emigrated as a wee child forty-some-odd years ago. I can’t wait!

    javabeans, whatever happened to that cute cartoon that used to represent you? The one with the girl in pig-tails with her hands on her hips? I actually squealed with glee a couple of months ago when I saw a magnet with that same girl, and then I burst out laughing because the caption below reads “plays well with others”. Lol!

    Much love and thanks to you and your delightful partner in crime, the one-and-only girlfriday, for sharing your witty thoughts of kdramas with the world. (Sorry to go all ahjumma on you, but you really should follow the advice of pabo ceo reom and tweak the site to form some kind of revenue stream. You put way too much blood, sweat and tears into this site not to have a proper ROI. Wish I could wrap up Jung Il-woo in a bow and send him to you!)

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