Why hello there, November. You again?

Has it really been a year since I last wrote in this blog? I’m not doing the Nano thing this year (am plenty busy without it), but I’m thinking I should probably use this space more.

Was looking at a blog the other day (a half-personal, half-professional sort of dealio), and it was so witty, disarming, and enjoyable to read that I thought to myself, with equal measures envy and resolve, “I should really write a blog.”


“Like that one, I mean.”

Funny to think that DB started out on this humble little space here and has since moved on to more expansive, more expensive pastures. Not that it’s run any differently than it was back then, despite the occasional and inevitable “It USED to be so much BETTER!” pointed sigh. (Can sighs be pointed? In my mind they are, with the offended party doing their best to breathe their disapproval in my general direction. I just pretend not to notice, leaving that affront hanging in the air with nowhere to go but back to its sender, who may dispose of it as they will.)

10 thoughts on “Why hello there, November. You again?

  1. you know what, I’d love to read more posts from you, non-drama related.
    I’ve been following you since you’re still using this blog, and I always admire your writing skill.
    And somehow your posts teach me many things, from new vocabs, idioms, and even your wit.
    I guess I can write in English better, partially because I read Dramabeans everyday!
    so, thank you! :D :D

  2. I seriously wish there was a way I could help you monetize DB in a way that would make it even more worthwhile of your time. I know DB is an ongoing product of kdrama love and writing passion, but hey let’s be practical…..we would all like some ROI for our time. I follow plenty of big blogs similar in readership levels as yours, and from behind the scenes I know most make a decent wage (although it’s more like chunks of income coming in at irregular intervals). And like most of those site owners, I know you ain’t big on giant ads with text links and so on, but it’s surprising the changes you see with some small tweaks here and there. The site doesn’t end up looking gaudy and the webmaster benefits more….win-win I’d say.

    Anyhow, wow….sorry for the complete tangent. I’ve just been reading a lot about SEO optimization and blog monetization lately and just thought how great it would be if an expert could help you out. Maybe I’ll try asking one of those site owners if they’re willing to do a consultation or something.

    • It’s the thought that counts — so thanks for the sweet thought!

      (I am a little embarrassed to admit that at first I read that as wanting some Return of Iljimae for our time, and I thought, Why yes. Yes, that would be nice.)

  3. Nice to see you revamp this space somewhat javabean! Always love the Kdrama-related stuff on the main sites. But this is a refresher and an escape, yes? :D

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