Day 1, again

Here we are again.

It sort of feels like Day 1 is a bit of a cheat, because I don’t have a clear-cut narrative structure in place, but since it’s the first day I have the luxury of just spitting out scenes that I know will come later. No need to organize the thoughts or write scenes sequentially since I’m just getting words on the blank page, the faster the better, because the sooner there’s black on that white, the less daunting it is to keep adding more black to that white. The scenes written today (really, more like barfed up) don’t as yet have a defined place in the overall plot, but I know the emotional context. So it’s a bit like splattering gobs of color at the wall in an effort to create a Jackson Pollock-like work of art and ending up with a Jackson Pollock-like mess of paint.

But hey, I’ll take word count wherever I can.

One thought on “Day 1, again

  1. hi javabeans

    i’m a fan of your writing.. just googled your name, and i’m so glad i found this site. it’s also wonderful reading your posts not related to kdrama. haha, this comment is so late already. anyway, are you joining this year’s nanowrimo competition also? and what happened to you in last year’s competition? thanks for your writing and hope you continue to do so happily.


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