NaNoWriMo: Take two

All right. Dusting off this old blog again. (Who even still READS this? *curious*)

So last year I made it about a week before I flamed out. I was disappointed to leave the game so early, but in retrospect that was actually not so bad. I’d have loved to have finished, of course, but at least I got a good taste of Nano and a nice (if small) chunk of writing to show for it.

This year I’m a lot less prepared — I only remembered Nanowrimo was encroaching a few days ago — and therefore my mind is all a-jumble with the various ideas I’ve got spinning in this headspace. I’ve got an idea in the works, which I’ve been tossing around in my brain for the better part of the last five years. (I know! Five years! That’s a lot of procrastination, but in case you didn’t know, I am the master of that.) It’s one of those ideas that made me and my love of flippancy a little uncomfortable with its earnest spirit. Plus, I was maybe-sorta “saving” the idea for later, for when I became a better writer and could do it better justice. (It occurs to me that this may be yet another excuse to procrastinate so I wouldn’t have to write it, while feeling okay about writing it because hey, at least my reasons were good!) I suppose this is the point where I bitchslap that flinching ego of mine and tell it to grow a pair and just do it.

Last year I was super-prepared with outlines and color-coded folders with notes and character bios and relationship charts, and I faded in the first week. So maybe this year the lack of preparation might work to my benefit. Well, I can hope.

6 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo: Take two

  1. Hehe. I always check this blog when it’s NaNo time since I know you like to participate and sometimes blog a bit on how you’re doing here.

    I’m very interested in your writing outside of Dramabeans and would love to read some of your original writing.


    Anyway, Hwaiting!!

  2. Oh yay, you’re trying for NaNoWriMo again!! =D Haha, if you must know, I just checked this blog a while ago because I was going through those who were under writing buddies on my nanowrimo page that I added last year to see if any of them were trying again this year. Good luck with the writing this time around! =D

  3. I feel so awkwardly unprepared! I had only been reminded of NaNoWriMo 2 days ago via your blog’s open thread. I do have a few ideas but none of them seem very strong. However, it seems so much fun and I’ve missed writing.

    I’m looking forward to reading about your progress and, maybe if we’re lucky, even parts of your original work.

    Good luck!

  4. Ooh, so people do still check here! Hehe.

    @Reenspergason, are you participating too?

    @wingstodust, I totally did that too. First thing was to check the buddies page and see who was up for it again this year!

    @hopesofgreen, do you have a blog? or a nano profile page? Last year it was fun keeping track of each other’s progress, plus it really is a motivator, to see your buddies’ word counts going up and prodding you to keep going too.

  5. Well, the idea is tempting. I think I’m going to attempt to, however, I just missed Day One! I did just finish my essay though, so maybe I can count it as a practice stretch?

    Anyhow, it may help me improve in my writing… Ack! I’m so indecisive.

    I think I just scared myself away from it again by reading the requirements.

    I’m such a wimp. :(

  6. Hiya javabeans!

    I was going through my old blog on Blogspot *nostalgic tear* and came across an entry where I linked your blog and was like, “hm.. I wonder if jb’s blog is still here in the blog-o-sphere?” And it is!
    (all of a sudden, getting flashbacks from when I was reading was it Witch Amusement recaps on your site and the layout had that flowery/vine-y design…)

    Anyway, NaNoWriMo take three this year?

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