Uh, where’d November go?

Clearly I have been remiss. I’ve actually been writing since my last post, but I haven’t been keeping up with my Nanometer, and now ’tis all over. It’s okay, though, because Nano has been a good kick in the pants, if not an end in and of itself. Getting into the habit of daily writing (or, in the absence thereof, at least daily guilt — guilt hopefully leading to writing) is a good enough result for me.

As for the Nanobook that wasn’t, I got a little farther in the plot before another idea started beckoning to me. I was good in November at ignoring all distractionary (it’s a word if I MAKE it a word) writing projects, which I was assured was the right thing to do by Meg Cabot in her Nano email. You know, the email about the plastic crate full of abandoned projects that got left for newer, shinier projects, only to remain moldering and unfinished for years to come?

Anyway, am trying to convince myself that it’s not cheating to skip projects since Nanowrimo month is over. Faulty logic, I haz it. It’s hard though, because the Nano project is a low-concept sort of mainstream fiction piece, while the other project is a high-concept sci-fi-y megalith of an idea with tons of characters and an intricate backbone of intertwining storylines and political machinations. Who wants to do simple, lighthearted fiction when one can be lost in the thrill of worldbuilding instead?

Has anyone ever had success juggling two projects at once? Or is this a case of “Just pick one and stick with it”?

4 thoughts on “Uh, where’d November go?

  1. Hiya,

    I too participated this year in NaNoWriMo, it’s my second year of FAIL. *g*

    I’m not too concerned though. I got farther than I’ve ever gotten (around about 8,000 words) and it’s given me the incentive to keep plugging away at it, even November is now over.

    I wouldn’t worry about cheating. The most important part I think is that you’re writing! Keep up the good work!!!


  2. You’re right of course! Output is more important than all the motivational techniques — failed or otherwise — we employ to bring about that output, right?

    Wait, does that sound dangerously Machiavellian?

    On the other hand, Machiavelli may have been a mean bastard but his ideas got things DONE, right?

  3. I can always think up stuff, but trying to write it… blah, I sit there for hours. I like writing it on paper more. Very different then most people. When I told my friend that she just gave me this look.

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