So I’m gearing up for NaNoWriMo, or National Novel Writing Month, and as with all things, I tend to get obsessive over them. Thus I log into the site to get acquainted with the format so that on November 1, I won’t have to waste precious moments trying to figure out where the damn button to input my current word count is when I could/would/should be furiously getting my magnum opus down into concrete sentences, paragraphs, (dare I hope?) pages, before my early-onset dementia kicks and and makes me forget my words, my brilliant, genius words.

Anyway. I log in. And wow, there’s a profile section where you enter you personal information and bio and upload an avatar and everything! It’s like a home away from home, i.e., a blog away from blog. And since I never met a questionnaire I didn’t like — I signed up for eHarmony just to fill out the personality quiz (nerd fun!) but didn’t progress to the actual dating part and now I am forever punished with loads and loads of eHarm (ha!) SPAM — I filled it out. And clicked around. And read the forums. And the blog.
And dreamed about writing my masterpiece so I wouldn’t actually have to write my masterpiece. (Dreams are so much easier on the ego than reality.)

This is gonna be a fun month. (I predict I may need to redefine “fun” before it’s over.)

3 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo

  1. I know. They did warn that it would be slow the first few days, and I can believe it given how many thousands (hundred thousand?) are doing Nano. I bet by Day 7 the site’ll be zipping along. :)

  2. and I never thought I would actually stumble upon somebody doing Nanowrimo while surfing for my usual dose of Kpop. Am also doing Nanowrimo this year……..goodluck to us!!!

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